Real Solutions

Today, we connect things to create a smarter tomorrow.

DynaLynx B.V. creates customized Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which connect machines, objects and devices to the Cloud. This connection enables your organization to automatically read, process, analyse and send all kinds of data to local systems or the Cloud. Our systems can therefore help you to, for example, predict trends, put in order efficient supply routes or control machines remotely.
In short: because our high tech IoT hard-, and software systems provide you more insight and control, we can help increase your efficiency in business and save costs. Besides our customized solutions, we can assist your team with expert advice about of a wide variety of IoT issues.

We customize for every market

The oil and gas industry, the agricultural market, public entities and more; we develop and customize our solutions for every market that can profit from using advanced IoT. With our in-house technical expertise in software as well as hardware, we can also create a highly competitive IoT solution for your organization. This is due to our unique way of innovating and our focus on efficient business processes.

A selection of examples of our solutions for multiple sectors:

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